Keith Richards Says ‘Some Things Kept Rolling Stones Away’ And Checks In With Fans


In their most recent concert in Los Angeles, Keith Richards addressed the audience and stated that he was glad to be on stage even though some things kept them away for so long. Richards tweeted the video footage on his Twitter account.

As you may know, The Rolling Stones didn’t pause their ‘No Filter Tour’ after the passing of their legendary drummer Charlie Watts on August 24. The band performed their first show without their dear friend on September 26, stating that they got Watts’ blessing. In the show, it was apparent that it was difficult for Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to be on stage for the first time without their long-time companion as they were seen holding hands.

Although they received a lot of backlash from the fans as to why they are continuing after Watts, many people are still looking forward to their concerts and seeing Mick Jagger’s moves on stage. It had been a hard time for the band, but Richards said he was glad to be back on the road, doing what he loves most.

Here is what he stated in their most recent concert:

“Hello LA. Certain things kept us away. It is, as I always say, great to be here, great to be anywhere. Especially these days. How are you all? Yeah, you sound great. It’s great to be back on the road, it’s what I do. I gotta say, it’s great to see you all, really. Bless you, all.”

Here is what a fan replied to the tweet:

Coolest man on the planet today.”

Another fan stated their love towards the Richards and the band:

“You just seem like a genuinely nice bloke, and I do hope one day to see you live. You boys stay safe out there and rock on!”

He laughingly stated that certain things kept them away from the fans, which is the pandemic, and checked in with everyone. The fans screamed at the top of their lungs when he asked them how they were doing, and Richards was satisfied with the answer. People seem to have gotten used to the idea of the Stones performing on stage without Watts as they replied to the tweet with the most endearing comments.

You can see the tweet with the video below.

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