Keith Richards On Being The ‘Intro King’


The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards shared a brief part of his conversation with Matt Wilkinson from Apple Music on his official Twitter account, in which he reflected on being an excellent starter for most of the band’s songs.

The success of the Rolling Stones as a band is beyond dispute, yet each band member has stood out with their unique contributions. Keith Richards has always been known for the quality of his stunning guitar riffs, which have defined the Stones’ sound. Some of the band’s most well-known songs like ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,’ ‘Start Me Up,’ and ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ all feature his signature riffs.

He is such a well-appreciated musician that he has even been nicknamed the Human Riff. Richards’ most memorable riffs lie on short, powerful, and often repetitive phrases blended with his unique tunings. He has consistently placed a well-crafted riff before an extended solo in his own style. Of course, the secret behind his riffing style has been an object of curiosity for many avid music lovers.

During the guitarist’s appearance on Apple Music for an interview to celebrate the Stones’ 60th anniversary, the interviewer, Matt Wilkinson, wanted to learn how he has achieved to become the ‘intro king.’ Keith Richards replied by saying that he hasn’t done anything specific for it, but he has always been searching for a ‘great start to a record.’ He overmodestly noted that he still works on it as riffs are essential parts of a song since they are forever remembered, contrary to guitar solos, which quickly pass by.

Keith Richards’ words on becoming the ‘intro king’ are as follows:

“I don’t know. I’ve always run a really great start to a record. Something that really leches in and then hits into a riff. That’s what I do, I’m still working on it. Guitar solos, they come and go, but the riff remains forever.”

You can check out the brief video from the conversation below.