Justin Hawkins Says Jimmy Page’s Daughter Scarlet Once Refused To Give Him Led Zeppelin Tickets

On a recent episode of Justin Hawkins Rides Again, Justin Hawkins shared his thoughts on when he asked Scarlet Page for Led Zeppelin tickets, and she refused.

Led Zeppelin reunited for a one-off show in 2007 as part of a tribute to the late Atlantic Records President Ahmet Ertegun. The live performance at the 02 in London 13 years ago would have a follow-up tour with several dates, but they never took place.

The concert’s setlist consisted of Led Zeppelin classics and was a pure celebration of all things rock’n’roll, which aligned with the concert’s name, ‘Celebration Day.’ In the fall of 2012, Led Zeppelin released ‘Celebration Day’ in movie theaters worldwide. The live experience was clearly a product of dedication and love, as the band had worked hard for their fans.

Justin Hawkins stated that Led Zeppelin’s show in 2007 was one of the shows that everybody wanted to go and experience. Hawkins had asked Jimmy Page’s daughter and his friend Scarlet Page for a ticket to see the show, but she had refused to give him one. The musician added that the tickets were so high in demand that she might not have gotten tickets either. The band was selling out stadiums with their biggest-selling album, so it was understandable.

Justin Hawkins’s words about the tickets he asked for from Scarlet Page:

“Looking at the footage from 2007, everybody wanted to go to that show. Of course, my dear friend Scarlet Page, daughter of the legendary Jimmy Page, I remember tentatively asking her if I could go to that show. I was met with a flat refusal. I don’t think she was guaranteed tickets as a daughter of the band. It was tough, so there would be demand for it. They’d be selling out stadiums all over the world, but they don’t need to be one of the biggest selling album bands of all time.”

You can watch the video below.