Keith Richards’ Reaction To Eric Clapton’s Wish To Join The Rolling Stones

Most bands have experienced lineup changes for different reasons in the music world. These changes may occur due to personal disagreements with other musicians within the group or some health problems. Choosing a new musician for the remaining group members is crucial for the continuity of the band’s success. Many musicians attend the audition to participate in this success, especially when a member leaves a band with remarkable triumphs worldwide.

The Rolling Stones was one of these bands which faced lineup changes. When the founder of The Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, was dismissed in 1969 because of his increasing drug problems, the band started to look for a new musician. Mick Taylor replaced Jones and became the new guitarist of the group. After contributing to a few successful works, Taylor decided to part ways with the band in 1974. He was content with his decision as his musical taste did not suit the band’s, and also he wanted to pursue a solo career.

On the other hand, The Rolling Stones started to look for a new replacement, and many musicians came for audition. One of the names who wanted to join The Rolling Stones was Eric Clapton. However, this turned out to be a little different than usual because Clapton neither talked about it nor had he auditioned. Keith Richards found out about Clapton’s request to join the band years later.

Keith Richards Found Out Eric Clapton Wanted To Be A Part Of The Rolling Stones

As one of the best guitarists on many lists, Eric Clapton emphasized his solo works and contributed to several bands. The singer won more than ten Grammy Awards and three Brit Awards for his successful works. While he was continuing to focus on his solo career in the 70s, The Rolling Stones parted ways with the guitarist Mick Taylor. Although Clapton did not mention his wish to join the band, Keith Richards explained it in a past conversation.

As ABC News reported in 2003, Keith Richards revealed in a conversation with music magazine Mojo that although Eric Clapton was eager to join The Rolling Stones after Mick Taylor’s departure, he never talked about it. Richards stated that Clapton waited for them to call him to join the band; however, Richards just found out about this request. Richards also added that Eric Clapton was not fitting to be a band player. According to The Rolling Stones musician, Clapton was way lazier than himself.

Keith Richards said in his word:

“Eric wanted to jump in after Mick Taylor but never did say so. But he expected us to call, although I only just found out. There are certain guys that are band players, and there’s certain guys that ain’t. If there’s anybody lazier than me, it’s Eric. He’s got it all, but Eric’s like Mick Taylor in a way; he needs to hire guys to play with him to kick him up the arse.”

After Mick Taylor left The Rolling Stones, many names wanted to be a part of the band. Years later, Keith Richards found out that one of them willing to join was Eric Clapton. However, as Richards revealed in the past, Clapton never mentioned it and waited to be called.