Justin Hawkins Says David Lee Roth’s Shows’d Suffer Differently Than Jon Bon Jovi’s

The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins recently made a video on his YouTube channel Justin Hawkins Rides Again about David Lee Roth‘s recent live performances. The singer said his shows would suffer differently than Jon Bon Jovi‘s since they are all about visuals.

Some rock musicians continue performing even as they approach the age most people would consider retiring. They work hard to stay in good shape and health to deliver consistent live performances to thousands of fans. Although age is simply a number in music, old age can affect a singer’s voice or ability to play an instrument.

It is mostly harder, particularly for vocalists, since there is a physical deterioration with age. They can lose range, and their tones also change. Still, David Lee Roth and Jon Bon Jovi are two prominent frontmen rocking despite their age. They have been in the music scene for nearly four decades and have been consistently at the forefront with their outstanding live performances.

In his latest video, Justin Hawkins reacted to some of the most recent footage of David Lee Roth’s live performances and compared him to Jon Bon Jovi. The singer stressed that age is more of an issue in Jon Bon Jovi since his performances are about his voice, whereas, in Roth’s case, it is all about the stage show.

Thus, he thinks that Diamond Dave’s shows would suffer differently than Jovi’s because the two names stand out with their particular features during the live performances. Hawkins added that neither of them should retire if they still enjoy rocking on the stage.

Justin Hawkins comparing David Lee Roth and Jon Bon Jovi:

“I think in Bon Jovi’s case, it is more of an issue because there is something spectacular about him doing a performance that lands. When Bon Jovi sings well, there is nobody else that can do that. It’s literally amazing. A lot to do with his anatomy, the experience, and the soul that he sings with. He is a great singer. You’ve got to say that. So when his voice suffers, the show suffers in a different way than how a David Lee Roth show will suffer.

If David Lee Roth isn’t giving his best performance, there aren’t songs like ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and songs that involve prolonged notes sung with real power. His set is totally different from Bon Jovi’s. I think he gets away with it because a lot of it is preening, prancing, and doing Kung Fu stuff. It is all about the visuals, I think, with Diamond Dave.”

He added:

“No, Bon Jovi should not retire, and Diamond Dave should not retire. If you are having trouble with your voice, find a way to hit back, see an expert, listen to the people who know but acknowledge it, and work on it if you’re having a great time rocking. Don’t let anybody stop you.”

You can watch the entire video below.