Julian Lennon Reveals Plans On Making Music With Sean Ono Lennon

The Lennon brothers have been taking care of each other since their father’s passing away, and the two are in the same shoes as their dad – maintaining a career in music. The older brother, Julian, appeared on the ‘Club Random Podcast,’ which will be aired on Monday. He discussed his relationship with Sean Ono and shared his thoughts on making music with Sean Ono in the future.

Julian revealed the two have had a talk about making music together in the future. He shared what they discussed:

“We’ve talked about it. We have a plan at some point when we both have the time to do it. Yes, there’s something we want to do together. We want to play around with an idea. I think it’s a nice idea. I have to wait and see. I’m not winding you up, but it’ll have its time and place.”

After discussing about music, Julian admired his brother and said the following:

“Sean’s a good kid. I love him immensely. He’s incredibly talented, incredibly gifted. He works his ass off as a musician.”

It seems like this was the first time the brothers ever talked about creating music as a duo. Though there seems to be no certain information about upcoming music from the brothers together, they have been working on their careers as solo artists now. Additionally, Julian released his new album, ‘Jude,’ last week. Below, you can reach the full album and give it a listen.