Judas Priest Bassist Reveals The Album That Made Them Financially Secure, And It’s Not Painkiller

Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill spoke in a recent interview with Metal Hammer and talked about the album that made them financially secured.

Even though most people would think that this album would be Judas Priest’s most-known album that released in 1990, Painkiller, Ian’s answer wasn’t included in the iconic Priest album.

Ian wanted to touch upon their sixth studio album, British Steel, and said that ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’’ song from that album blew on the radio everywhere around the world.

Ian also mentioned that You’ve Got Another Thing Comin‘ is the first song that made it to the AM radio, and according to Ian, this song made them financially secured to make them relieved about the next recordings.

Here is what Ian Hill said:

“‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” is basically the song that broke us on the radio – Europe, the USA, Japan… you name where – they were playing the hell out of it.

The tour we were putting together at the time had to be scrapped so bigger venues could be booked – I think it’s the only Priest song played on AM radio and went a long, long way to breaking us in the States.

We got financially secure and there was a big breath of relief that we could take more time to finesse things between records.”

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