Joyce Kennedy Believes Mother’s Finest Was Too Ahead Of Its Time

If Mother’s Finest were an up-and-coming band during the time of ‘woke culture,’ their future would have been much different than where the band stands in the industry. Singer Joyce Kennedy shared with Classic Rock that their multi-racial band was not in the right time or place to become one of the bands that still have influence over the rock scene.

“The band was multi-racial, and that was rare,” Kennedy said, referring to the 1970s when they were enjoying their glory days on the music scene. “Especially doing rock music with two people of color out front. It was a beautiful thing.”

Although it was a significant step in the right direction for having people on stage offering a different perspective and being a voice for an underrepresented culture, Baby Jean said, “But back then, nobody really knew how to make it work within the bureaucracy of the music industry. I think this band was a little bit before its time.”

Even though there obviously were successful multi-racial bands and black rockers in the scene, Mother’s Finest was primarily black musicians. Kennedy viewed that as a hindrance to not reaching their breakthrough moment and becoming a well-recognized recording band.

Suppose the times were like how it is now, and people were more aware of the discrimination against black communities. In that case, Mother’s Finest might have become the band everyone was dying to hear new material from and counting down the days to see them live. So, Baby Jean sure has a point in bringing out the fact that the 1970s were not the most inclusive time to be a multi-racial band in the music sector.