Lol Tolhurst On Making Peace With The Cure’s Robert Smith

Lol Tolhurst, former The Cure drummer, recently chatted with The Guardian about his current relationship with frontman Robert Smith. Even though the two former bandmates had friction in the past, Lol described where they stand now. He expressed:

“You can’t know someone for 60 years and not be reconciled. But it’s like family, it goes up and down according to the emotional waves of the time. That’s the truth.”

Back in the 90s, Lol Tolhurst sued Robert Smith and Fiction Records over royalty payments which caused the initial drift between the rockers. Lol even claimed joint ownership, with Smith, of the band’s name, The Cure. However, the drummer eventually lost after a long legal battle.

Since the lawsuit, Lol and Robert have reconciled, with the drummer making amends with Smith backstage at a show at the Palace Theater in Los Angeles. Tolhurst then also joined the lineup during the 2011 ‘Reflections’ shows at the Vivid Live festival at the Sydney Opera House.

During the interview with The Guardian, Lol also reflected on The Cure’s recent performance at the Hollywood Bowl, more specifically backstage right before the show. He recalled:

“It was very strange. The dressing room was right in the bowels and when I went down there it was like being back in 1977. It was such a weird feeling! I took my niece who is 21, she’d never experienced so many English people all speaking together in the same place. There were a lot of children of various members of The Cure that I knew about, but had never met.”

The rockers had a lot to catch up on, so the drummer shared that he foresees them getting together to recap everything that’s happened over the years. He added:

“Talking to Simon [Gallup, bassist], he said we have got a lot of history. We need to talk about it. And I got the impression that Robert wants… not necessarily to tie up loose ends but to make sure that everything’s together and helpful and good, because he’s a good person. He actually said that to me – that we’ve got a lot to talk about but backstage at the Hollywood Bowl is not the place!”

You can read Lol Tolhurst’s interview with The Guardian here.