Kerry King Loves AC/DC Making The Same Album For The Last 50 Years

Kerry King apparently loves AC/DC for making similar records since the beginning of their career.

Kerry’s latest solo album, ‘From Hell I Rise,’ includes vocals by Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda, drums by Slayer’s Paul Bostaph, bass by Hellyeah’s Kyle Sanders, and guitar by ex-Machine Head member Phil Demmel. Even though the lineup only includes two Slayer members in total, King said he won’t be surprising Slayer fans with any radical changes.

In a new interview with Total Guitar, the guitarist said that sticking to his creative roots was crucial for him and even named AC/DC as an example:

“There are no shocks on this album. I like bands to stay true to the sound that works. I’m happy that AC/DC have been making the same record for 50 years. That’s why I like them!”

Who Inspires King?

King has contributed to Slayer for years, and now he has been focusing more on his solo music. However, his choice of chords and rhythmic patterns has not changed a lot. During the same interview, the guitarist explained who he has been taking inspiration from:

“One thing that sticks out is my choice of chords and rhythmic patterns. I attribute a lot of that to Judas Priest, because they would write riffs that went from A to F and C, with icing here and there. And I think my go-to is more like E to F and G, or maybe G#.”

In fact, he doesn’t change the idea much either. He continued:

“That idea turns up in most of my riffs. I don’t try to change that, it’s just where I end up. I probably base too many songs on that kind of progression, but most people probably don’t notice!”

‘From Hell I Rise’ is set to drop on May 17. Until then you can listen to King’s newest song from the album below.