Journey’s Deen Castronovo Names The Band That Had A ‘Flawless’ Live Show


During a recent interview with The Real Music Observer, Journey’s drummer Deen Castronovo revealed his opinion about Toto, expressing why he finds the band excellent.

Journey started to escalate in its career with the release called ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ in 1981. They had many Grammy Awards and gained people’s attention with their success. Because they have not come out with an album since 2011, fans have been questioning an upcoming one. Former drummer Narada Michael Walden answered these questions, saying that they have been working on a double album to satisfy fans’ long waiting.

Previously, Journey announced that they would be together with Toto on the upcoming tour replacing Billy Idol because of his medical condition. They released the tour dates from February 22 to May 11, 2022. As Journey and Toto were excited to perform together, fans also were happy to see them on the same stage.

Deen Castronovo expressed his excitement about spending time with Toto members in a recent conversation. When the interviewer asked about their guitarist and vocalist, Steve Lukather, Castronovo said that he enjoyed his time with him. Deen also explained how he was impressed by Toto with their sounds by calling them a ‘flawless’ band.

Castronovo’s statement about Toto is as follows:

“To listen to them every night is like a record. I mean they are flawless, great band, great people. Luke is fun. I love him. I’ve known him since my Bad English days. He’s street art of a guy in the band, and they’re all great people, but they sound amazing.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.