Josh Dun Says Twenty One Pilots Have No-Pranks Rule: Those Bands Won’t Last

Twenty One Pilots sat down with iHeart Radio and the drummer Josh Dun revealed the no prank policy in their band. During their chat, he even shared his belief that the bands that constantly pull pranks on each other will not last long. He explained:

“We both hate pranks. We stick to ourselves. It’s important to make each other laugh, not through the loss of trust. Especially the sleeping pranks. I think that if you’re a band and you’re playing pranks on your bandmate while they’re asleep I think you have a way higher chance of not lasting as a band.”

Twenty One Pilots’ Prank On Fans

Although both Dun and Tyler Joseph hate pranks in the band, they love pulling pranks on their fans. Last year in January, the band went livestream to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album ‘Vessel.’

In the video, the band teased that they would debut a brand-new song live for the first time, hinting at a follow-up to 2021’s ‘Scaled and Icy.’

Before ending the stream to play the song, Joseph said:

“This is a brand new song as the stream is ending. Love you guys. New song. It’ll be available tonight, I think.”

However, when the time came to perform the new song after nearly 3 hours of streaming, Dun played his drums so loudly that it drowned out frontman Tyler Joseph’s vocals and ukulele playing.

On another note, Twenty One Pilots just dropped their newest album, ‘Clancy.’ You can hear the album here and watch the recent interview below.