Jonathan Davis Reveals The Backstory Of How They Made Korn’s Debut Album’s Cover Art

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis spoke in a recent interview with Revolver Magazine and talked about how they ended up with Korn’s name, the logos, cover arts, and many more.

In the conversation, Jonathan stated that their manager Larry didn’t accept to call the band, Korn, and explained how they convinced him with a funny and intelligent story.

According to Jonathan, they gave their manager two options to pick. One of them was Korn, and the other one is their manager’s name, Larry. Fortunately, he was wise to pick Korn.

Afterward, Jonathan talked about Korn’s self-titled debut album and said that the idea of the cover art was actually the idea of the guitarist of the band, Munky, and revealed that it shocked everybody in the first place because it looked so spooky.

Here is what Jonathan Davis said:

“The genius of that cover (of Korn’s 1998 self-titled debut album) was ‘Munky.’

Munky’s the one who came with that idea. He’s like, ‘This girl looking up in the sun and you see a shadow and you don’t know what it is…’

And then when we saw it – holy fuck, amazing. That freaked some people out. It was so spooky, that album cover, the way it looked.”

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