Ted Nugent Questions The Honesty Of ‘Hit Makers’ Bruce Springsteen And Jon Bon Jovi


Ted Nugent recently joined Jeremy White Podcast for an interview in which he questioned whether the hitmakers Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are sincerely honest.

When it comes to sharing his views, Ted Nugent is quite fearless and outspoken even when talking about a sensitive subject. Moreover, he makes the headlines most of the time with his controversial statements rather than his musical efforts. In the interview on Jeremy White Podcast, the musician made yet another controversial statement, targeting Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi this time.

In the music business, it is not something unfamiliar when a musician changes directions and makes new musical efforts embodying a rather different sound. When a musician loses hits and popularity, the producers often take a step forward and suggest they shift to a more commercial sound.

Speaking with Jeremy White, Ted Nugent expressed his ideas on those hit songs and claimed that some producers soften the songs for making them hits. He then mentioned Jon Bon Jovi and said he is all for the hits. Moreover, Nugent argued if Jovi ever expressed an honest view on music. Following that, Nugent talked about Bruce Springsteen and said he questions the honesty of these hitmaker musicians.

Ted Nugent then went on commenting on his, ZZ Top’s, AC/DC’s, and Van Halen’s music. He said that their music reflects who they are, and they make the music as they want it to sound. Nugent also added that these music acts expressed what they wanted in their music, and gave Van Halen as an example. According to the musician, Van Halen’s producers let them be Van Halen.

Ted Nugent told Jeremy White in the podcast that:

“I have a funny feeling that some of these super duper producers are going to come in with a musical identity, band, and start softening them for hits. I want people to have hits. Bon Jovi’s the master, all he wants is hits. I don’t know if he’s ever expressed an honest opinion in the music. Again, I love Jon, I hope he’s happy. I love him, I love his work ethic.

There are many things to love about these guys, like Bruce Springsteen. I love Bruce [although] I even know he’s a dirtbag. And I’m happy he’s successful as a great musical force. But I really question the purity, honesty, and believability of a lot of these hitmakers.

One thing about my music, ZZ Top’s music, AC/DC’s music, and Van Halen’s music [is] that that’s who they were. They wanted to say that, they wanted to sound like that, they wanted that chord change, they wanted that moment. They expressed it, and their producers went ‘All right, we’re going to produce Van Halen, keep them fucking Van Halen.’ ‘The Van Halen’ Van Halen.”

You can check out the full interview below.