Jon Bon Jovi’s Confession About The Most Selfish Bon Jovi Song

Bon Jovi has been the maker of many hits however their single ‘It’s My Life’ from the band’s 2000 album ‘Crush’ has a special place not only for Jon Bon Jovi but also for fans around the world. Considering the message of the track is all about taking control of one’s life and living life to the fullest it has resonated with fans from all walks of life.

After the album came out, Jon did an interview with TMF Studio. When he was asked whether he thought the message of the album was received by their fans, the singer said:

“I think it’s coming across, yeah. I think that people have felt a bond with it. Like ‘It’s My Life’ for example you know I mean that was really selfishly written. In the chorus, it truly just related to who we were you know. Especially that whole, ‘Like Frankie said, ‘I did it my way” was yeah as self-indulgent as it could be.”

Even though Jon admitted that ‘It’s My Life’ was the most selfish song he had written about himself and his life, it didn’t occur to him that everyone wanted to stand their ground and never back down in the face of adversity. He added:

“I mean that was about me and my movie career you know but we didn’t think at the time that of course, everybody wants to have control of their life. Everybody that took that song said, ‘No no it’s my life, it’s mine’ and you go, ‘Oh right of course.'”

The track was an anthem for many people, it even became a track that Champs United, a non-profit soccer academy, added to their playlist. So Jon also mentioned during the interview how the track has reached different people and circumstances by saying:

“You don’t think about it until you realize that when that song was taken on by sports teams and it’s been used for so many different things over the last six months. It has been amazing.”

You can watch Bon Jovi’s 2000 interview with TMF Studio and listen to ‘It’s My Life’ below.