Jon Bon Jovi Shares The Musician He Admires The Most

Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse sat down with Penta to talk about their wine Hampton Water. Besides giving details about their business and the future of the brand, the interviewer also asked the father son duo the musician they admire most, Jon replied and said:

“Paul McCartney. He is still singing, touring and writing. Of course, he was part of the greatest band that ever existed.”

Jesse’s answer was someone that paved his way within the industry over the last few years after leaving his band. He said:

“Harry Styles. He is the man.”

Going back to their wine, Jon had previously talked to Forbes about Hampton Water where he gave details about his family business and how it wasn’t a celebrity brand. He expressed:

“This isn’t a celebrity brand of wine. This is our family business, and the credibility, it means more than anything. We didn’t get into this to make a buck. We really wanted to make sure that we had a business. There were no excuses for it. This is good wine. End of story.”

Their wines are now available in all 50 states and more than 50 countries, including Germany, Italy, Australia and England. So Jon and Jessie also gave insight into the future of Hampton Water during their interview with Penta. Jessie said:

“Let’s just say that there are still opportunities within the rosé category. Yes, more is coming, but I can’t say what.”

You can read Jon Bon Jovi’s interview with Penta here.