Jon Bon Jovi Is Jealous Of Don Henley: ‘I Wish I Had Written That’

Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi shared his ‘honest playlist,’ a list full of songs that each has a meaning. One of those songs is from Don Henley and the singer wished he had written it.

In the new interview with The Guardian, the rocker revealed the song that ‘resonated’ with him and recalled running into Henley to say which song he wished he had written himself:

“The lyrics and melody to ‘The Boys of Summer’ by Don Henley has always resonated with me. I ran into Don last week, put my arm around him after he had just sung that song, and said: ‘I really wish I’d written that.'”

The Song That Changed Jon’s Life

The song that changed the rocker’s life is surprisingly from where he grew up. In his words, they were ‘local heroes’ too. The rocker named a song from the E Street Band’s Bruce Springsteen:

“‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen. I grew up in New Jersey, so the E Street Band was how you were indoctrinated to rock’n’roll – they were the local heroes.”

You can see the rest of Jon’s picks below.