Johnny Marr Says He’s Never Felt Like He Was Running Away From The Smiths

The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr recently spoke to Guitar World and reflected on his time in the band. The musician stated that he has never run away from the group, yet he still doesn’t want to be defined only by it.

Thanks to their unique rock sound blended with indie and post-punk, The Smiths became one of the most popular acts of the 1980s’ music scene. The group’s vocalist Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr represented one of the most influential songwriting partnerships of the period. Although the band appeared in the music scene only for five years between 1982 and 1987 due to their internal tensions, they’ve brought an unforgettable legacy with their influential works that are still greatly appreciated today.

Following the disbandment of the Smiths, Johnny Marr has worked with many other notable bands like the Pretenders, Modest Mouse, The The, and the Cribs. He has also proved himself a sought-after session musician, collaborating with names such as Hans Zimmer, Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Ferry, Jane Birkin, and many others. Marr didn’t neglect his solo career by producing four solo studio albums.

During a new interview, he reflected on whether his time in the Smiths felt like a long time since it was over three decades ago. The guitarist responded by saying that it does, as he was just at the age of 24 when the band parted ways. However, he’s never run away from his time in the group and is still proud of what they achieved, yet he doesn’t prefer to be defined only by that. Johnny Marr feels like he is on part four of his music career now, so he would also be glad to be appreciated for his other works.

The interviewer asked:

“Not to belabor the Smiths, but does your time in that band now seem like a million miles away at this point?”

The guitarist replied:

“Oh, yeah. Without a doubt. I’ve never felt like I’ve been running away from it, but I left that band when I was 24. Any 24-year-old leaving any job wants not to be defined by that. I’m proud of the records the group made, but in all honesty, I’d say I feel like I’m probably on part four of my career now.”

Johnny Marr released his fourth and latest solo studio album, ‘Fever Dreams Pts. 1-4,’ on February 25, 2022. Being the guitarist’s first double album and recorded during the lockdown period, it received highly positive reviews from critics. They mainly praised the record’s versatility and well-crafted compositions.