John Lydon Won’t Be Performing At Eurovision 2023

After his career with the Sex Pistols, John Lydon has been making music with his post-punk band Public Image Ltd for many years. More recently, they announced they would compete alongside five other contestants to represent Ireland at the 67th annual Eurovision Song Contest. The event was televised live on Ireland’s Late Late Show on the channel RTE, yet the results were not in the band’s favor.

Lydon was eligible to be elected to compete for Ireland since his parents are Irish, and he has an Irish passport. PiL and the five other contestants had a face-off. Lydon was up against K Muni & ND, Leila Jane, Wild Youth, Connolly, and ADGY.

PiL’s track ‘Hawaii’ is more touching than any other song the band released because it is essentially a love letter to Lydon’s wife, Nora, who has been battling Alzheimer’s. The singer described it as a track for anyone suffering alongside their loved ones to give them hope for the future.

Before their performance, John Lydon shared the meaning of the track:

“It is dedicated to everyone going through tough times on the journey of life with the person they care for the most. It’s also a message of hope that ultimately, love conquers all.”

The decision was made alongside a combination of a public vote, an international jury, and a national jury, resulting in Wild Youth winning the most votes with their song, ‘We Are One.’ So, John Lydon will not be performing at Eurovision 2023, but you can watch the heartfelt performance of ‘Hawaii’ and get a raw glimpse of the musician showcasing his honest emotions.