John Lydon On Their Shattered Dreams With His Partner

The mind is a wondrous thing, a labyrinth of memories, thoughts, and emotions that make us who we are. Unfortunately, those with Alzheimer’s slowly start losing their memory and hence, some parts of themselves. Thus, dealing with Alzheimer’s is a heart-wrenching journey that tests the limits of love, patience, and endurance. On his recent appearance on This Morning, John Lydon had an emotional moment while talking about their shattered dreams with his love.

For legendary punk singer John Lydon’s wife, Nora Foster, her Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2018 marked the beginning of a difficult and emotional journey. As her memories and sense of self began to slip away, John was determined to be by her side every step of the way, hold her hand, and fight for her with all the love and strength he had within him.

John Lydon has never hesitated to talk about this challenging journey, as he knew many others were dealing with a similar story. As a notable figure, he tries very hard to show that this illness does not mean the end of everything. Nonetheless, talking about it, of course, is not so easy for him. He sometimes gets a lump in his throat in the middle of the conversation, which he experienced once again in his recent chat.

Lydon’s touching words follow:

“At this time in our lives, we were imagining like, I suppose, doing nothing and leading a carefree existence. That’s not the case anymore. She requires 24/7 attention, and I’m more than willing to give her that. Because… the life she’s given me up till now has been amazing [wells up]. And if I can get that message across to this song well, hello, hello there.”

The song he was talking about in his statement is ‘Hawaii,’ which he dedicated to his wife. He had previously said that it was written as a love letter to his wife Nora and was more than just a piece of music to him. Public Image Ltd will perform the song as one of the five other contestants to represent Ireland at Eurovision Song Contest.