John Lydon On His Wife’s Illness, ‘The Real Person Is Still In There’

It is rare to come across love stories that have stood the test of time. Amid all this chaos, there is one that shines like a beacon of hope. John Lydon, the frontman of the legendary punk band the Sex Pistols, recently sat down with the Guardian to open up about his wife’s illness and their relationship over 40 years.

“Her absolute independence stuck out to me like no other,” Lydon said, recalling the first time he met his wife. “She was straight out of a film, just totally individual and oblivious to the fashions of the moment. Of course, she was told not to come near me. ‘He’s horrible.’ Which piqued her interest.”

Despite the challenges of his wife’s illness, Lydon sees it as an opportunity to cherish every moment and find joy in the small things. The singer noted, “Forty-eight years together isn’t enough. But even in illness, we’re still finding out new and great things about each other. With Alzheimer’s, they can’t always formulate the words, but the real person is still in there. The saddest thing you can do is cut them off.”

The frontman shared that he always sang the song he wrote for his wife, Nora, to her at home, saying, “I’m going round the house carrying a ghetto blaster and a Hoover, pushing her in a wheelchair. It’s fantastically hilarious, but that’s the only way I can learn the song.”

Maybe you missed it, but John Lydon, frontman of Public Image Ltd, wrote a love letter to his wife Nora in the form of a new track called ‘Hawaii.’ The song, in which Lydon reflected on his journey as a carer, is an emotional and personal piece. It also carries the universal message that love ultimately conquers all. With this powerful track, the band will be competing to represent Ireland at the 67th annual Eurovision Song Contest. So, don’t miss out on PiL’s performance of ‘Hawaii.’