Scott Ian Addresses James Hetfield’s Role In Metallica’s Success


Scott Ian recently spoke about Metallica and how their massive success came to be in an interview with Metal Hammer. The Anthrax guitarist stated that the band’s success was primarily about James Hatfield.

Metallica is one of the four thrash metal bands, along with Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth. These four bands became pioneers in establishing the thrash metal genre. However, Metallica arguably became more prominent and widespread than any of them. Even those unfamiliar with metal became fans of the band as their music seemed to be a catch for most people.

The band has nine Grammy nominations and has established a career where they do not have to introduce themselves anywhere. They have been active since their formation in 1981 and were good friends with their fellow thrash metal bands. Anthrax and Metallica members became close, sharing the genre’s pioneering job all these years.

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian recently revealed if they had seen Metallica’s success coming in their earlier years. The guitarist said no one had foreseen it at the time, but he knew they were ‘ahead of their game.’ He stated that the band probably owes their massiveness to James Hatfield’s hands and brain.

Here is what Scott Ian stated about Metallica:

“Look, I’d be lying if I said, ‘Oh, I knew one day they’re gonna be the biggest band in the world.’ Nobody ever said that. Nobody was walking around saying, ‘Metallica is gonna be bigger than Iron Maiden someday.’ That was not something people were saying. But everybody knew that they were ahead of the game.

Even once we became friends with Exodus and Slayer. Even Dave Mustaine, moving on with Megadeth, had this idea that they had a jumpstart on everyone else. But I think it might be a little bit more than that. I think it has to do with James’s hands and his brain.

Currently, Metallica is working on their new album but not giving away what they are working on to their fans. Kirk Hammett was asked to reveal what the new album would be during an interview, but he did not disclose any information and stated that the Metallica members were warning him against it.