Ted Nugent Claims Firearms Protect Americans From Concentration Camps

Ted Nugent talked about where he stands on firearms and gun control on his social media platforms over the years. More recently, the rocker posted a meme on Facebook implying that firearms protect Americans from getting to the point of being in concentration camps.

The meme is divided into two sections, in one, society is thriving in a free world filled with opportunity and everything seems to be on track. There is a phrase on the photo that reads:

“How democrats think society will look without firearms.”

However, right below the first section, there is a black and white photo of people behind fences in concentration camps looking out to the outside world. The phrase to describe those people reads:

“How it really looks.”

Nugent has clarified that he is an active pro-hunting advocate on several occasions. He also revealed that he is in favor of individual gun ownership and opposes restrictions on gun laws and gun-free zones.

In 2021, the rocker even posted on his official Instagram account claiming that if there are no restrictions about bearing arms from the United States government, he and any other American citizen will have the right to keep and bear arms for self-protection. He wrote:

“Ted Nugent’s 44 Magnum MaxxLoad of Truth GunLaw. Whereas, Congress shall not ever pass any fuzzyheaded gun control legislation that restricts law-abiding citizens from purchasing the gun of their choosing.”

Ted also made the point that most of the gun-owners are ‘respectable’ citizens by adding:

“Whereas, when speaking about guns or the 2nd Amendment, that Congress people and their staff and volunteers shall first be required to state the fact that ‘99.99% of gun owners are lawful, decent and respectable citizens…'”

You can see Ted Nugent’s Facebook post here.

Photo Credit: Ted Nugent – Facebook