John Lydon Breaks Silence About The Lawsuit From Sex Pistols Bandmates

Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, also known by his stage name Johnny Rotten, recently opened up about the lawsuit coming from his former bandmates, guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook. According to his statement in court, the future TV series ‘Pistol’ may harm the band’s reputation which is something he deeply cares for.

As some of you might know, Sex Pistols managed to become one of the most groundbreaking music acts in the history of punk music, initiating the famous punk movement as well as inspiring many later punk and alternative rock musicians. Since the band achieved to create a one-of-a-kind legacy within just two and a half years with their music, fashion, and hairstyles, it was inevitable for them to create a movie or TV show dedicated to their history.

Recently, it was announced by the band’s two members Steve Jones and Paul Cook that they have been working on a brand new TV series titled ‘Pistol.’ The mini-series will consist of six episodes and is planned to air next year. It is mainly based on the Sex Pistols’ guitarist’s 2016 biographical book ‘Lonely Boy.’

Just as expected, the band members are planning to use Sex Pistols’ tracks for the series. However, John Lydon doesn’t agree with his former bandmates on this matter. According to the singer, the show is nothing but disrespectful to the band’s legacy, which is precisely why he didn’t give his permission for the rights of the songs. The former bandmates turned their backs on each other and are now sharing their opinions through a lawsuit.

Although the lawsuit is pretty much out in the open now, the former Sex Pistol vocalist recently shared his personal opinion for the first time using his own words. Apparently, John Lydon is trying to protect the band’s reputation and he cannot let a stranger write their legacy without knowing who they are, and who he is to be more specific.

According to Ultimate Guitar, John Lydon stated:

I care very much about this band and its reputation and its quality control and I will always have a say if I think anything is being done to harm or damage it.

I don’t want anything I’m involved in to victimize any one of us. It would destroy the whole point and purpose of the band and so I don’t understand the bandmember agreement… I don’t remember signing it.

You can’t let your history be rewritten for us by a complete stranger with no interest in it. This is my life here. This is my history. I didn’t write these songs for them to be given off to nonsense.”

John Lydon continued his words by revealing that he doesn’t understand why his former bandmates insist on making him do something he finds incredibly wrong. According to the musician, he’s afraid of being a part of a TV show that’s all about his band and history, yet, he has no rights over it. In addition to this, Lydon stated that the bandmember agreement doesn’t apply and it wasn’t him who started the whole case.

He continued his words with these statements:

“I don’t understand how Steve and Paul think they have the right to insist that I do something that I so morally heart-and-soul disagree with without any involvement. My fear is that they’re demanding that I agree to sign over the rights to a drama-documentary that I am not allowed any access to.

I don’t think the bandmember agreement applies. I didn’t ask for this court case, it was brought to me, so I will naturally defend myself. There is no point in me being here or ever was if it is the case that I can just be completely outvoted by the vested interests of all in one management camp.”

Apparently, the feud between the former bandmates is not going to be settled any time soon as they don’t see eye to eye when it comes to their vision related to the legacy of Sex Pistols. At the end, it’s the law that’s going to decide if the tracks are suitable to be used in the upcoming TV show and fans don’t have anything else to do rather than wait and see the results.