Ozzy Osbourne Picks His Favorite Movie Of All Time: ‘Everyone Should See It’

In the latest episode of ‘The Osbournes,’ Ozzy Osbourne named the movie he thinks everyone should see.

During the conversation, Ozzy’s son Jake asked his father about the one movie that impacted his life. The rocker answered shortly:

“‘Schindler’s List.'”

Sharon Osbourne added to her husband’s response:

“I was just going to say that. I had to walk out. I couldn’t take it – I walked out.”

Ozzy then explained why people should see the movie:

“I think every person should see Schindler’s List. It’s such an amazing… it’s done in a way that has such an impact on you. I’ve met people who were there during those periods of time. [They’ve said that] in reality, Schindler’s List was nothing [compared] to what it was really like.”

The movie was released in 1993 and directed by Steven Spielberg. The film revisits the events of the Holocaust during World War II and follows a German man’s efforts to rescue Jewish refugees from persecution.

Osbournes Revealed Information About Their Biopic

The Osbourne family also talked about their upcoming biopic in the same episode.

Sharon, Jack, and Aimée will produce the biopic through their label, Osbourne Media. Michele Anthony and David Blackman from Polygram Entertainment are also involved in the production. Variety reported that Black Sabbath’s music and some of Ozzy’s solo efforts will also be featured in the film.

The biopic was announced in 2020, but there hasn’t been much information released since then. Still, the Osbourne family had their thoughts about the actors they would want to portray them in the biopic.

Jack revealed the actor he wants to see as Ozzy in the movie:

“You know who I want to play dad? Bill Hader… Everyone thinks I’m f*cking crazy until I show a side-by-side picture, [not to mention] that guy’s ability to morph [into a character].”

Jack then showed a photo of Hader. In response, his father exclaimed:

“F*ck off!”

You can see the episode down below.