John Lennon’s Son Shares The Two Musicians That Made Him ‘Nervous’

Sean Ono Lennon recently shared a tweet on his official account and revealed the two musicians who intimidated him due to their performance quality.

Before revealing the two names, Sean expressed his admiration for their sound and how they made him nervous:

“Lord Jesus just listened to ‘Remain In Light’ soundcheck, and they sound so good I feel like I need to sneak out of here and disappear before I have to play guitar in front of them.”

The musician continued:

“So crazy to be on tour with Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew, two musicians who have made some of my favorite music of all time (Considering faking my own death).”

As a Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade member, Lennon has been currently touring the United States. Harrison and Belew will join the band as special guests in some of their June shows. The former King Crimson guitarist expressed his excitement about touring with Sean in an interview with

“I’m excited about playing those shows with Les and Sean; that’s going to be wonderful. I think we have maybe eight or ten of them, sharing the bill like that. What we do already is such an exciting and happy, joyful show; to add in what they bring to it, it’s going to be amazing.”

The extensive North American tour of Fearless Flying Frog Brigade kicked off on May 17 in Stateline, Nevada, and is set to finish on July 15 in Phoenix Van Buren, Arizona. The June 6-20 gigs will feature Harrison and Belew.

You can check out Lennon’s Twitter post below.