John Lennon’s Son Sean Mocks The Intelligence Of Taylor Swift’s Haters

John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon recently addressed the accusations against the pop singer Taylor Swift. Lennon shared a tweet he saw about a user calling both Swift and her music ‘dumb,’ and slammed the user who shared the tweet with the following response:

“I don’t know her music because I’m too old to be into it. But she has obviously got 30 IQ points on you and lorry loads of talent to boot. You are a moron and could never do what she does with all the fairy dust in Neverland.”

Although the musician doesn’t like the pop singer’s music, he evidently respects it. Replying to a follower’s tweet who suggested some songs of hers and claimed that he would like them, he wrote:

“Thanks, but yeah, honestly, the production style makes it go over/under my head. I’m sure the songs are good.”

While replying to another follower, Lennon acknowledged her music may not be for everyone and touched Swift’s talent and intelligence:

“I would say it’s impossible to be dumb and suck at music and accomplish what she has. Her music may not be for everyone, but she’s obviously very smart and talented.”

Most of Lennon’s followers defended him against the user who made the degrading comments, while a few only criticized the pop singer’s music. Some also commented on Lennon’s remark about age and noted that there is no particular age to love someone’s music.

Below, you can see Lennon’s and some followers’ tweets.