John Illsley Chooses The ‘Almost Perfect’ Dire Straits Song Mark Knopfler Wrote


Dire Straits bassist John Illsley named his favorite song of the band, written by Mark Knopfler during his recent conversation with Vintage Rock Pod. The musician also shared his thoughts about the famous track and explained why he chose it.

‘Brothers in Arms’ is the fifth studio album of Dire Straits, released on May 17, 1985, and it became a prevalent and commercially successful record. During its creation process, an undeclared war between Argentina and the United Kingdom named The Falklands War occurred in 1982 because of British territories. This incident inspired its songwriter Knopfler to give a message about it to the whole world.

Therefore the guitarist wrote a song to express his feelings about war which carries the same name as the album, and music critics defined it as an anti-war song. In ‘Brothers in Arms,’ Knopfler’s well-crafted lyrics, sounds, and the other members’ performances as instrumentalists drew significant attention. It’s not surprising that it was the band’s longtime dedicated fans’ favorites song and a band member’s.

John Illsley chose ‘Brothers in Arms’ as the Dire Straits song that he likes the most to create a playlist from rock stars’ favorites. The bassist stated that it’s an almost perfect song written by Knopfler. The reasons behind naming it the best were the song’s working on many levels, uniqueness, and reflecting universal values. Illsley added that he always enjoyed playing it, but it’s tough to name his favorite, considering the band’s and his works.

Illsley said in his interview that:

“I’m going to give you ‘Brothers in Arms’ because I think that’s the pretty almost perfect song that Mark wrote which works on many levels. It principally works on a level that I think no matter what’s happening in the world. You can listen to this song and understand more about why things go wrong and why certain things are important in life.

I love playing it myself, and with my hand, even we play acoustically. I do this when I go out and do some small gigs. It seems to work on all sorts of levels. So that would be the one, it’s very difficult to choose because the band’s got a lot of stuff. I have got my own stuff as well, but I think ‘Brothers in Arms’ is probably the one I would choose.”

You can check out the interview and song below.