John Frusciante Details The ‘Genesis Influence’ On New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album

After Red Hot Chili Peppers released their thirteenth studio record, ‘Return of the Dream Canteen,’ John Frusciante recently complimented their new songs while disclosing their creative process to Guitar World. The guitarist also pointed to Genesis‘ influence on him and their new record.

The band’s new album was released only a few days ago, and Frusciante seemed enthusiastic to discuss and disclose the musical direction Red Hot Chili Peppers took while producing the record. The guitarist discussed some of their songs’ influences and creative process when the subject drifted to Genesis.

John exclaimed that he loves Genesis, both their progressive and pop sound. He especially emphasized Tony Banks’ talent, as he placed the keyboardist on the same level as the Beatles in producing new, creative chords. Frusciante stated that Banks is one of the best chordsmiths the industry has ever had.

The musician stated that Banks’ notes are fluid and more like a melody rather than chord progressions. He then said that he had become fluid in that style of chord progression when he wasn’t with RHCP. The guitarist really enjoys Genesis, and it became apparent that he has reflected the band’s style in his solo work and into his new album with the band.

John Frusciante discussed Genesis, Tony Banks’ talent, and their influence:

“I really love the band Genesis, their prog stuff, as well as their pop stuff. And their keyboardist Tony Banks, I put him up there with the Beatles as far as really coming up with imaginative chord progressions all over the place. He’s really one of the most masterful chordsmiths that I think we’ve ever had.

He makes these chord progressions that are so fluid, they’re more like a melody than they are a chord progression. I definitely became really fluent in that style of progression during the time that I wasn’t in the band.”

You can listen to ‘Return of the Dream Canteen’ below.