John Bonham’s Sister Deborah Discusses Her Family’s Attitude Toward Music

Led Zeppelin’s iconic drummer John Bonham’s sister Deborah recently attended an interview with The Meista and spoke about her family. She revealed if the Bonham family was also musical, considering she and her late brother chose to be musicians.

For over a decade, John Bonham was an honorary member of one of the biggest rock bands, Led Zeppelin. He died in 1980 after intoxicating himself with vast amounts of alcohol and choking on his vomit after he passed out in Jimmy Page’s house. John Paul Jones found him unresponsive the next day, and the band’s career changed forever.

The band couldn’t continue after Bonham’s death, and they disbanded later to reunite a few times for special occasions. In those events, Led Zeppelin performed with John’s drummer son, Jason Bonham. Sammy Hagar and the Circle member replaced his father on drums a few times, showing his family’s support for the band.

His sister Deborah, a musician herself, recently talked about their family’s attitude towards music. She said that their family members weren’t musicians, but the music was always present in their household. Moreover, Bonham revealed that her brother John got his love for Gene Krupa from his mother and father.

She stated that their family listened to music all the time, and their mother always wanted to be a musician. However, she only got the chance to perform when she was 80 years old since their mother married and had kids at an early age. Deborah revealed that their mother performed two songs with a band, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ and the Beatles’ ‘Let It Be.’

About the Bonham family, Deborah said:

“They loved music, and my mom always wanted to be in music when she was young. But you know, she was born in 1926 and ended up getting married and having us kids. But they used to play a lot of great music. That’s when John got his love for Gene Krupa because mom and dad always played Benny Goodman and all the big bands. Music was always being played, but they weren’t particularly musicians.

Mom actually got into it. Pete got her a gig when she was 80 with a band called The Zimmers. Then, they got a bit of notoriety, and she was asked to go and sing in the studio, and she was like, ‘Oh, I don’t think I can.’ I said, ‘Mom, you’ve wanted to do this all your life. You’re 80. I think it’s about time you had to go.’ She went in and sang ‘We Will Rock You’ and The Beatles ‘Let it Be.’ We played it at her funeral.”

You can watch the interview below.