Joel Hoekstra On The Possibility Of David Coverdale’s Return To Stage

Health was a major factor in Whitesnake canceling their 2022 tour, and it will also play a key influence in whether the band finally returns to the stage. Whitesnake’s guitarist Joel Hoekstra recently discussed the band’s future during a conversation with Vintage Rock Pod, commenting on the potential for David Coverdale‘s making a stage comeback.

Last year, while touring with the Scorpions and Thundermother, Whitesnake faced challenges when Coverdale and guitarist Reb Beach missed shows due to health issues. These health concerns disrupted the band’s plans and left fans wondering about the future of Whitesnake. In his interview, Hoekstra remained hopeful that the band would resume performing but acknowledged health’s role in determining their future.

The guitarist said the following about Coverdale’s potential return to the stage:

“I mean, it seemed a ways off at the time, and now, with things like grinding to a halt and kind of putting us in a holding pattern, there’s more of a tinge of sadness over that than there was over the actual tour. I was thinking, ‘Hey, we’ll have a couple of years. This can be a beautiful thing. Maybe we’ll have some fun stuff,’ like obviously Steve Vai joining us at Hellfest, and I thought maybe we’d have some other great moments like that.

Some historic Whitesnake members and things like that join us and make it a big celebration of David’s career and for the fans. So, obviously, and unfortunately, health had other plans, and so we’re kind of in a holding pattern right now, but David’s been floating the possibility of getting back out. So we’ll hopefully do so, and if not, I’ll just be happy to support David and whatever his vision is with whatever he’s got cooking for Whitesnake.”

Coverdale had originally planned to wind down his touring career at 69. However, the pandemic forced a change in plans, and the health problems further complicated matters. Despite these challenges, Coverdale has continued to stay busy with different projects. He is currently involved in planning the celebration of the 50th anniversary of his addition to Deep Purple. In October, he intends to release special recordings featuring former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes.

You can watch the rest of Hoekstra’s interview below.