Joe Satriani Says The Who’s Pete Townshend Could Really ’Sell Music’


Joe Satriani recently joined Tone Talk and revealed his thoughts on the Who’s Pete Townshend, claiming it was easy for him to sell music.

Pete Townshend mainly contributed to the Who’s career with his musical compositions and musicianship. Moreover, he also produced one of the band’s albums titled ‘Quadrophenia.’ This album featured songs written entirely by Townshend, which brought massive success to the Who.

Townshend’s extraordinary talents are not limited to that. He has written over 100 songs for 12 of the Who’s studio albums and another 100 for his solo records, radio jingles, and television theme songs. Besides, Townshend is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who plays over ten instruments.

Recently, Joe Satriani spoke to Tone Talk about Pete Townshend’s musicianship. According to Satriani, the Who producer Glyn Johns told him that Townshend had another talent; he played acoustic guitar and did the vocals for an album during the recordings.

Satriani then said performing for an audience and recording in the studio are two different things that require a specific set of talents. The guitarist stated that it’s also different from composing a musical work. Moreover, Satriani said Townshend was different; he could sell music and entertain the audience like nobody.

During the conversation, Joe Satriani said the following:

“I worked with Glyn Johns, and I remember I would grill Glyn about working with Pete, and so many times he shocked me, telling me that on some song I asked him about, Pete had played acoustic guitar and did the vocals live for the album. I’d be like, ‘What?!'”

He then continued:

“A lot of people forget that performing for the audience and the tape machine in the studio is an art form unto itself. It’s a real specific set of talents, very different from just technical talents or being able to play difficult passages.

It’s different than composing, remembering your steps, where your lighting cue is, and all that stuff. But Pete was out of control. I mean, he could really sell music and lift the spirits of the audience like nobody.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.