Joe Bonamassa Says Foreigner Have More Hits Than Other Rock Hall Inductees

The countdown to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony slated for this November has started. With famous names in the music industry sharing their views on the upcoming event, guitarist Joe Bonamassa also showed his stance with recent tweets about Foreigner‘s non-inclusion in the Hall.

The announcement of this year’s inductees arouse a wave of disappointment from Foreigner’s fans, who were hoping for the band’s recognition. So, when Mitch Lafon took to Twitter with a question about the topic, Bonamassa, sharing the fans’ feelings, posted some comments revealing his opinion.

The journalist asked his followers:

“Does Foreigner belong in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame? If yes, why? Based on what?

Upon this, the guitarist’s answer went as follows:

“Yes, based on the fact that they have many more hits in ‘Rock and Roll’ than some/many other inductees. They still sell tickets and can play 2 hours of great songs that everyone knows.”

Later, when a Twitter user opposed him by writing:

“I don’t know. I look at more influence than anything. Not sure how many artists have ever cited them as an influence. I’ve never heard that. Also, it’s not even the original band members anymore playing *as* Foreigner, so it’s really now a cover band. So, that shouldn’t count.”

Bonamassa stated:

“As far as original members are concerned, Foreigner should have went in first year of eligibility when many of the original members still toured with the band. As far as influence. ‘Foreigner 4’ is one of the biggest, most influential albums of the 80s.”

The band’s fans and the singer were not the only ones displeased by Foreigner’s exclusion from the Rock Hall. The band members themselves expressed their thoughts about the topic with an ironic and humorous Facebook post.

Their message shared in April read:

“In an unprecedented move, the entire board of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame met especially to nominate Foreigner. The board recognized that Mick Jones’ and Foreigner’s major contribution to music over the years warranted a very special place in the history of the Hall Of Fame.

Said manager Phil Carson, ‘Needless to say, we are all delighted to learn of this unique privilege. I believe that the entire board realized that Foreigner had as many hits as Fleetwood Mac, just one less than the Eagles and more than Journey and many other Hall Of Fame alumni. We are greatly looking forward to the induction ceremony.'”

You can read Joe Bonamassa’s Twitter interaction below and find the band’s full post on their official Facebook page.