Joe Bonamassa On His Gear Displayed Without His Permission, ‘I’m Not A Victim’

IK Multimedia recently launched a TONEX package that includes sounds modeled from Joe Bonamassa’s guitar collection. But Bonamassa revealed that the company didn’t have his consent to do so with a tweet on X. Sharing a picture of the four amps used during modeling, he wrote:

“It is such a coincidence that I happen to own all four of these amps, but the information on your website doesn’t say whose amps or settings they are. Could there have been two identical sets, IK Multimedia? Just asking for a friend who is curious.”

The Only Thing That Makes Him A Victim

Under the post, a few followers said that they were planning to buy the package before seeing the guitarist’s explanation. One of them shared:

“Having been sufficiently intrigued to buy this in IK Multimedia’s sale this week, I’m now feeling pretty upset if they have shabbily taken advantage of Joe Bonamassa. I doubt amp tone or setting can be legally protected, but it doesn’t make his okay…”

So, Bonamassa, who allowed the company to model his amp collection earlier this year, explained:

“I’m not a victim of anything other than allowing IK Multimedia access to my rig under the terms of doing a digital version. When we could not come to terms with the sound nor layout, I thought it was over. Now, they think differently and are trying to grift folks outta 50 bucks.”

IK Multimedia’s Description

The package in question, the ODS Legends Signature Collection, including four Dumble Overdrive Special amplifiers, went on sale a few days ago on IK Multimedia’s official website. The company’s product description didn’t mention Bonamassa’s name but referred to other artists, as it read:

“Found behind many of the world’s best players, including Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Larry Carlton, David Lindley, John Mayer, and more, the Overdrive Special is sadly no longer made today, easily fetching 6 figures when a rare example goes to auction. As a bonus, we’ve also included 2 legendary overdrive pedals known to pair perfectly with Dumbles to further push your tone in exciting directions.”

The Initial Collaboration Between The Guitarist And The Company

Bonamassa revealed that he started to work with IK Multimedia for the new TONEX project in January 2023 by posting a video of the modeling process of his guitar amp collection on Instagram. He captioned the video back then by writing:

“Ghost Boy! Modeling the ‘Amp Shanty’ for IK Multimedia today. I wish every session was this easy.”

‘Amp Shanty’ is the nickname for the guitarist’s eight-piece amp collection of different shapes, sizes, and eras.

You can check out Bonamassa’s tweets below.