Jimmy Page’s Girlfriend Scarlett Sabet Shares Their Sexual Relationship Over Poems

Jimmy Page‘s girlfriend and a poet, Scarlett Sabet, spoke in a recent interview with Elle magazine and talked about her latest album.

Scarlett Sabet is a poet and performer who is the author of four poetry collections. Scarlett is in a relationship with Led Zeppelin guitarist Page, and they have been together since 2014. Currently, the pair lives in West London and the age gap between Scarlett and Page is 45 years.

Back in 2019, Scarlett released a spoken word album named ‘Catalyst’ in collaboration with his boyfriend Jimmy Page as he produced the album. Moreover, that album is the latest work that Scarlett has released.

During the conversation with Elle magazine, Scarlett talked about the poems that were included in the ‘Catalyst’ album. She then stated that every one of them has a special place in her heart. However, she pointed out that ‘Possession’ is the most special one for her, which is a love poem.

Saying that ‘Possession’ is written for Jimmy Page, Scarlett also mentioned that she wanted it to be arranged delicately, softly, and whispered in her ear directly. When the interviewer asked if she wanted it to be whispered in her ear sensually or not, Scarlett revealed that it was initially supposed to be sensual.

In the interview by Elle, Scarlett Sabet talked about her favorite poems in the ‘Catalyst’ album:

“Every one of them is personal. I wrote ‘Rocking Underground’ and ‘Fifth Circle of Hell’ in one sitting, the ideas rattled in my head. When it came to putting them on paper, they just flowed onto it.

I read these poems many times during poetry evenings, before the pandemic and the lockdown. They make up that sinister, creepy part of ‘Catalyst.’ There is also ‘Possession,’ a love poem.

The interviewer asked:

“Very passionate. Supposedly written for Jimmy?”

Scarlett Sabet said:

“Yes, that’s for him. I wanted it to be arranged delicately, softly, and whispered in my ear.”

The interviewer continued:


Scarlett Sabet replied:

It was supposed to be like that. Coming back to my favorites from the album – we dedicated the song ‘For Jack’ to Kerouac. It is a love letter, a paean in his honor.

 We used a minimum of sound effects with it, unlike the rest of the album, which is bothersome, unbearable, intrusive. Nevertheless, ‘Catalyst’ forms a coherent whole. It’s best to listen to it loud.”

Later in the conversation, Scarlett revealed how important music is in her life and pointed out that music can tune you in the right way, help you relive a moment deeper, or save you from a bad mood.