Jimmy Page Looks Back To The Time He ‘Unsurprisingly’ Didn’t Win The Grammy Award

Jimmy Page, who is the guitarist of Led Zeppelin, made an ‘on this day’ session on his official Instagram account yet again and talked about the time when he nominated for the Grammy award.

Back in 1989, Jimmy Page was nominated for Grammy’s Best Rock Performance award for his Writes Of Winter song from Outrider album, but Robert Palmer win the award for Simply Irresistible song.

While Jimmy was saying that he was pretty surprised to be nominated for the Grammy award, he also mentioned that this was his first nomination in his musical career even with his work with Led Zeppelin.

Furthermore, Jimmy Page pointed out that it wasn’t a surprise not to win the Grammy because he was surprised to be nominated in the first place. In this way, he showed how a humble person he is once again.

Here is what Jimmy Page captioned:

I was surprised to be nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Rock Performance for the track Writes of Winter from the Outrider album and, on this day in 1989, the awards took place.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t win – but it had been the first Grammy nomination that I had received and that included the work in Led Zeppelin.”

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