Jim Morrison’s Sister Explains What Really Happened To Jim’s Private Journals

Jim Morrison‘s sister Anne Morrison joined an interview with San Diago Union-Tribune’s George Varga and revealed what happened to Morrison’s journals after he died.

Apart from his work with the Doors as the band’s lead singer, Jim Morrison was a writer and poet who liked to put down his thoughts and feelings on paper. Before his tragic passing at 27 years old, the musician wrote lots of material in his private journals.

In June 2021, a new and comprehensive collection of works by Jim Morrison titled ‘Collected Works Of Jim Morrison’ was released. The book was compiled with the help of his sister Anne Morrison Chewning, and it featured some of the Lizard King’s written material that was never published before.

The book ended up being a massive anthology — it’s around 600 pages long. Moreover, the book contains Morrison’s journals, notes, writings, and unpublished poems that are chronologically ordered and compiled without any commentation.

Recently, a Doors fan shared San Diago Union-Tribune’s 2021 interview with Anne Morrison on YouTube. In the interview, Anne said that Jim Morrison’s then-girlfriend Pamela Courson brought all of his journals to her home after he died. She then stated that Courson’s parents had those materials following her death.

Moreover, Morrison’s sister admitted they didn’t even know how many materials were there or what was written in them. According to Anne, she tried to get in touch with Courson’s parents, and when they ended up getting together, she finally had a chance to appraise and put all the writings together.

During the conversation, Anne Morison told the host George Varga the following about Jim Morrison’s journals:

“When Jim died, his girlfriend Pamela Courson brought all of his journals home, and they were at her parents’ house. After she died, her parents had it — and we never got a chance to see them. We didn’t really even know how many there were, what was in them, or how much was there.

After my folks died, I tried to get in touch with them. We finally got together, and I got to see them — that’s when we appraised them and put it all together.

You can watch the full interview below.