Jim Morrison’s Prophecy About The Future Of Music That Came True

The iconic frontman of The Doors, Jim Morrison, became one of the most influential and charismatic rock stars despite his short music career. Besides his haunting vocals, his writing skills also stood out as he wrote many songs, poems, and books. It was a known fact that he had always been a very passionate reader from an early age, and he was inspired by the works of various writers.

As a rebellious young man, Jim Morrison had a wild personality along with his controversial life. It would be fair to say that his alcohol and drug addiction destroyed Morrison’s music career despite his huge potential. Jim Morrison passed away at the age of 27 in Paris and left millions of fans heartbroken.

His cause of death was announced as heart failure, but there are also rumors about a possible heroin overdose. Nonetheless, his legendary image is still one of the most recognized symbols in popular culture.

How Did Jim Morrison Predict The Future Of Music?

Besides being an innovative musician, it looks like Jim Morrison also had a progressive soul and vision. His legacy with The Doors was ahead of its time as well. His incredible foresight can now be detected in a conversation he had with Rolling Stone in 1969. Morrison was very aware of the changing world of music said that he sees the rise of EDM in the future of music.

Electronic dance music has gained tremendous popularity in the 21st century, and now, electro beats reveal themselves in many different genres. It was surprising to see EDM conquer the music industry. However, it was apparently very obvious for Jim Morrison, as it can be understood from his statements during the conversation.

Here are Morrison’s opinions on the future of music:

“A lot of people like Mozart were prodigies; they were writing brilliant works at very young ages. That’s probably what’s going to happen: some brilliant kid will come along and be popular. I can see a lone artist with a lot of tapes and electrical, like an extension of the Moog synthesizer — a keyboard with the complexity and richness of a whole orchestra, you know? There’s somebody out there, working in a basement, just inventing a whole new musical form.

We’ll hear about it in a couple of years. Whoever it is, though, I’d like him to be really popular, to play at large concerts, not just be on records — at Carnegie Hall, to play at dances…”

It should be noted that he was just at the age of 25 during the interview, which took place 52 years ago. It’s sad to know that he never got the chance to see his prediction coming true. Many people probably found his foresight absurd at the time. Still, EDM has now become the mainstream tendency of famous musicians, and maybe Morrison would also consider exploring this genre if he were alive.

He had also mentioned this topic in another interview with Rolling Stone. You can watch that interview below.