What Happened To Jennifer Batten, Iconic Guitarist Of Michael Jackson

Jennifer Batten is mainly known as a session guitarist and solo artist who worked with Michael Jackson between 1987 and 1997. Batten also played for Jeff Beck in the late ’90s and early 2000s. She made numerous contributions to the sound of Beck as she did for Jackson. Batten collaborated with other names like Dave Rodgers and Jim Peterik during her music career.

She contributed to the music of many notable acts but had the peak of her career with Michael Jackson. Batten became an important figure as a successful guitarist in Jackson’s three massive tours. She was a name that made outstanding contributions to the sound of the King of Pop. It was a crucial period for Jackson and herself to work with him. Batten had a chance to reach a vast audience and to see audiences from many countries with the tours she attended with Jackson.

Jennifer Batten’s Contributions To Michael Jackson’s Sound

Jennifer Batten was the lead and rhythm guitarist in Michael Jackson’s massive tours. She initially appeared on Jackson’s first solo tour named ‘Bad’ between 1987 and 1989. The tour reached a vast audience and became one of the biggest commercial successes. In 1992, during the second world tour, ‘Dangerous,’ Batten performed in stadiums in various countries with the King of Pop.

Her most notable achievement with Michael Jackson was related to the late Van Halen icon Eddie Van Halen. The guitarist created a solo for Jackson’s hit ‘Beat It’ without getting paid. Because the song was a huge success, MJ performed it during his tours, and he needed somebody to play the complex guitar solo. That’s when Batten proved her excellence, even surprising Eddie Van Halen himself.

She also released her debut album ‘Above Below and Beyond’ in the same year. When Michael Jackson appeared in the 1993 Super Bowl, the most extensive live performance in television history, Batten was there on the guitar. Then the guitarist continued touring with Jackson in 1996 for the ‘HIStory’ tour, which also reached many fans.

Jennifer Batten’s Most-Recent Works

While working with MJ, Jennifer Batten was already collaborating as a guest artist with other musicians. She appeared on Jeff Beck’s several tours and became a part of the albums ‘Who Else!’ and ‘You Had It Coming.’ After working with Dave Rodgers and Domino from 1994 to 1999, she also created the solo of ‘Bad Girls’ for the Polish singer Doda in 2010.

Batten collaborated with the vocalist Marc Scherer and Jim Peterik for her melodic rock CD named ‘BattleZone,’ which came out in 2017. The guitarist wrote two music-related books entitled ‘Two Hand Rock’ and ‘The Transcribed Guitar Solo.’ Jennifer Batten’s most-recent collaboration was with Rodrigo Teaser in 2019. She contributed to the tribute video ’10 Years Without Michael Jackson,’ prepared to commemorate the King of Pop ten years after his passing.