Jerry Cantrell Thinks His Songwriting Is Better When Alice In Chains Members Involved

During a recent interview with Andy Hall, Alice In Chains guitarist and vocalist Jerry Cantrell opened up about working as a solo artist, outside of his band. According to the musician, writing music with his band is much easier than writing music on his own since his bandmates take his idea to a whole new level pretty much all the time.

As many of you know, Jerry Cantrell is best known as the founder, lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist, and main songwriter of Alice in Chains with whom he rose to international fame in the early 1990s. Besides his distinctive vocal style, Cantrell also is responsible for writing many of the band’s hits including ‘Man in the Box,’ ‘Them Bones,’ and ‘Down in a Hole.’

In addition to his successful music career with the band, the ‘Nutshell’ singer has a solo career and released two studio albums, ‘Boggy’ Depot‘ and ‘Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2.’ As a solo musician, he has also collaborated and performed with numerous legendary rockstars such as Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, and Pearl Jam.

Jerry Cantrell’s third studio album, first solo album in 19 years, named ‘Brighten‘ is also on its way to be released on October 29, 2021. The first single, ‘Atone’ was released on July 29, 2021, and the second single, ‘Brighten’ was released on September 10, 2021. The record also features Cantrell on guitar, bass, and keyboards as well as Guns N’ Roses guitarist bassist Duff McKagan.

Alice in Chains singer recently opened up about working on his solo album during a recent podcast and revealed that although the process is the same, he developed his own style to create this brand new upcoming album. According to Cantrell, the only difference when he’s working as a solo artist is the other musicians he’s collaborating with.

While talking about his own method, Jerry Cantrell didn’t forget to mention the differences between being a solo musician and working with his band. Apparently, it’s much easier to come up with an album when he’s working with his bandmates since every single one of them immensely contributes to the creation process.

During the podcast, Cantrell said:

“I’ve developed a style and a way that I write and that I sound, and that is pretty intact in either venue. The process for me is the same. The only difference is the players that I’m playing and recording with. In the case of Alice, those guys I can always count, they’re gonna take any idea that I have and they’re gonna make it that much better — they’re gonna inject themselves into it and elevate it.”

It makes so much sense once you think about how easier it must be to write with musicians he has been working with for years than just work on his own without a second opinion or somebody else’s contribution. That being said, the singer stressed the importance of working solo and making records outside of a band since it’s healthy as an artist which is an opinion any people would agree with.

You can listen to ‘Atone’ and ‘Brighten’ below.