Jerry Cantrell Says Covid Gave Him A Lot Of Extra Time For His New Record


Alice In Chains vocalist and guitarist Jerry Cantrell talked about his latest solo album and revealed how he spent his time during the COVID-19 lockdown in his recent interview with Full Metal Jackie. Cantrell added that the pandemic had a great contribution to his brand new record.

Unfortunately, almost everyone in the world had to change the way they work, communicate, and even live because of the global pandemic along with the precautions and rules which must be followed for the public health. Especially the artists couldn’t perform live shows or events so some of them decided to organize live stream events to preserve their popularity and commercial success. The others preferred to work on their new records at the studios.

As a very productive person, Jerry Cantrell focused on his projects that he wanted to finish and share with his fans who have been waiting for hearing new materials from the singer. He released his third solo studio album entitled ‘Brighten’ on October 29, 2021, after Cantrell shared the first track ‘Atone.’ The album received very positive reviews from both his fans and music critics by defining it as the musician’s best solo work.

During the recent interview, Cantrell mentioned that he was able to release his brand new record thanks to coronavirus lockdown. He said COVID-19 gave him a lot of extra time so he decided to use it to create and produce his own solo works. Jerry Cantrell probably didn’t have much chance to focus on the solo projects for a long time while he was performing world tours and recording tracks for Alice in Chains.

In Cantrell’s words, he said:

“My whole career with Alice in Chains and the other artistic endeavors and projects kind of goes what feels right. Thinking of being in a good time to make a record which kind of take a little time off so we have some time. COVID gave us a whole lot of extra time and I put that to good use. I invited a few more friends during that process of the record, I think the project benefitted from the extra time. I admit that.”

Moreover, Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell stated that he always did what he felt right throughout his whole career as a very successful musician. It can be said that this is one of the main reasons behind his longtime success and popularity which inspired many young generation musicians.