Jerry Cantrell Names The Alice In Chains Song James Hetfield Listens To As A Part Of His Pre-Gig Routine

Alice In Chains frontman Jerry Cantrell recently gave an interview to Blunt Magazine. In the interview, he revealed the Alice In Chains song, which James Hetfield listens to before his concerts as a routine.

Jerry Cantrell has been continuing his musical career as a member of the band Alice In Chains. Apart from working with the band as the lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist, and primary songwriter, Cantrell has also collaborated with various musicians.

As you may probably know, Metallica is among the bands Cantrell has worked with. He joined Metallica on the stage to perform ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ in 1994, opened for the band on their 1998 summer tour, and made several appearances with the band. So, it is safe to say that he knows Metallica’s members.

In the interview by Blunt Magazine, Jerry Cantrell talked about the opening tracks of his and AIC’s studio albums. At some point, he mentioned the song ‘Them Bones’ from Alice In Chains’ 1992 album ‘Dirt.’ That song belongs to the band’s most famous album and is among their most well-known songs.

Speaking about ‘Them Bones,’ Jerry Cantrell revealed an interesting detail about the song. He said that he knew they came up with a good song when he learned that James Hetfield liked it. As Cantrell said, he learned in an interview that Hetfield was listening to ‘Them Bones’ as part of his pre-gig routine to amp himself up before his performances.

In the interview by Blunt Magazine, Jerry Cantrell said that:

“I was reading an interview with James Hetfield, a guy that I really respect. He said that ‘Them Bones’ was one of the songs that were part of his pre-gig routine – he’d listen to the song in order to amp himself up before playing a show. That’s when I knew we’d done it.

Below, you can listen to Alice In Chains’ popular track ‘Them Bones.’