Jelly Roll Reveals Feud With Machine Gun Kelly

In a recent conversation with Taste of Country, Jelly Roll said they would beef with Machine Gun Kelly while they were both singing rap.

The singer revealed their relationship before changing genres:

“We were both just trying to sell 200 tickets to a bar on the Short North in Columbus, Ohio. Hip-hop was competitive back then, so of course, we’d beef like two white rappers… ‘There’s only enough room for one white rapper at the time…’ But we’ve turned out to be really, really great friends.”

Roll And MGK Are Teaming Up

Fans are excited about photos of Roll, MGK, Yungblud, and Travis Barker taken together. So there are rumors that they might be working together. Roll confirmed in the same interview that they are collaborating and mentioned that he and MGK have a long history of working together:

“That’s my buddy, man, we’re cookin’. We work a lot, man. I’ve known of Kells 15 years, probably, 14 years since we were both on the underground hip-hop scene.”

Both Roll And Kelly Are Influenced By Rock Music

Still, Jelly didn’t share more details about the project. Both Roll and Kelly transitioned into rock music in their later creative efforts. Last year, on the Popcast YouTube channel, Jelly explained why rappers like MGK are drawn to rock music. He believes it’s due to their early influences in rock:

“I’m sure it’s based on an individual thing. I know me and MGK share the spirit of we both were just influenced by rock music. MGK’s early stuff, he always referenced himself as a rock star. He always rock and roll closed. Like that ‘Half Naked and Almost Famous’ doc (MGK’s documentary, and album release) was like you’ve seen the evolution of the rock star coming.”

Roll also shared that Kelly’s switch to rock music happened later than he expected. As he revealed in the recent Taste of Country interview, Jelly is working on new music right now. His upcoming record will have lots of storytelling. He wrote over 150 songs last year, inspired by stories from people he met everywhere, from gas stations to red-carpet events.