Jefferson Airplane Icon Grace Slick’s Fear About Mick Jagger

Grace Slick was one of the first women of her era who fronted a rock and roll band as successful as Jefferson Airplane. During her tenure in the band, Slick became a central figure in the early psychedelic music scene of San Francisco. Moreover, she sang the lead on several of Jefferson Airplane’s successful hits like ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Somebody To Love.’

Although she’s been a retired musician since 1990, Grace Slick enjoyed great success in the 1960s. She was also one of the few female musicians who appeared at the famous Woodstock and Altamont festivals. Interestingly, when Jefferson Airplane was to take the stage along with the Rolling Stones at Altamont, Slick was scared of something regarding Mick Jagger.

Why Was Grace Slick Scared Of Meeting Mick Jagger?

In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Grace Slick recalled her experience playing at Woodstock, Altamont, and Monterey festivals. The vocalist then revealed that she and her Jefferson Airplane bandmate Paul Kantner went to England to talk with Mick Jagger about Altamont. However, Slick then admitted that she was scared of meeting Jagger.

According to the musician, she was afraid that there would be orgies and parties with heroin in Jagger’s place, and she didn’t like them. Thus, she expected everyone to criticize her for being a prude. However, when Slick and Kantner walked into Jagger’s place, it looked rather like her parent’s house — so she felt at home. Besides, she noted that Jagger knew how to separate business from orgies.

Here is what Grace Slick told Rolling Stone about Mick Jagger in 2014:

“Paul Kantner and I went to England to talk to Mick Jagger about Altamont. I was scared because I’d never met Mick before. I thought, ‘Oh, God, there’s going to be some kind of orgy there, and I don’t do orgies, and they’re going to think I’m a big prude, and it’s going to be a party with heroin, and all this weird shit I don’t do.’

I walked into Mick’s flat, and it looked like my parents’ home: Oriental rugs, Edwardian furniture, well kept. I was perfectly at home — it really was like visiting my parents. He was in a three-piece suit and served us tea, and we talked about how to put this thing on. When he does business, he does business. He doesn’t screw around. He knows how to separate having orgies from doing business.”

Apparently, Grace Slick was convinced that there would be orgies, parties fueled with drug abuse, and other things she didn’t like at Mick Jagger’s flat. However, Jagger served them tea wearing a suit and was highly professional. So, Slick’s fears didn’t come true, and she probably felt bad for being prejudiced.