Jeff Schroeder Says Smashing Pumpkins Completed Their Upcoming Epic Album


Smashing Pumpkins guitarist, Jeff Schroeder announced that the band finished the whole process of the upcoming epic album in a recent conversation with Anne Erickson.

On November 27, 2020, Smashing Pumpkins released the eleventh studio album entitled ‘Cyr.’ The band’s lead singer Billy Corgan wrote all twenty tracks on the album. Smashing Pumpkins gained great success with this record by reaching the top 10 on the Top Rock Albums of US Billboard’s chart in the same year.

In a previous interview in the summer of 2021, Schroeder informed the audience that they were working on a new album that would be bigger than the previous one, including 33 tracks. He mentioned that the album they had been working on for almost a year would be a concept one. Jeff talked about the creation of the album as a challenging process. The guitarist added that they worked so hard for this upcoming album.

Recently, Jeff Schroeder joined an interview with Anne Erickson. The rocker revealed their forthcoming album, for which they had been working for a while, has been completed. The guitarist stated that although the album is finished, he could not give more details yet.

Jeff Schroeder said in his words:

We finished that big, epic album we were working on. Nothing I can give details on quite yet.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.