Jeff Beck Shares How He Became Mick Jagger’s Solo Project Guitarist

In his recent interview with Louder Sound, The Yardbirds former guitarist Jeff Beck recalled the times when people confused him with The Rolling Stones icon Mick Jagger and he also told the story of how he had a chance to play for Jagger in one of his solo studio albums.

Mick Jagger also has had a very commercially successful solo musical career along with his successful career in The Rolling Stones. Jagger released his debut solo studio album entitled ‘She’s the Boss’ on February 19, 1985. The album stayed in the top ten of different charts all around the world for months. Some of the tracks such as ‘Running Out of Luck,’ ‘Hard Woman,’ and ‘Just Another Night’ gained great popularity.

Mick Jagger collaborated with various artists throughout the creating and recording process of his debut solo studio album. He teamed up with many famous musicians such as Paul Buckmaster, John Bundrick, Ray Cooper, Keith Richards, and Jeff Beck for the different tracks of the album. Beck was the lead guitarist of ‘Just Another Night’ and ‘She’s the Boss’ with many more.

During his interview, Jeff Beck remembered the times when people called him Mick thanks to his resemblance to him very much. He also highlighted that he was a huge fan of both The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger himself. Beck always dreamed of playing with them and thought whether he could have a chance to do it or not for a long time.

In Beck’s words, he stated:

“I used to get mistaken for him all the time in ’61. I used to have girls screaming at me and I didn’t know what the fuck they were screaming about. I’d pull up along somebody in a car and they’d go: ‘Mick!’ And I’d be thinking: ‘Who the fuck is this Mick?’ Then I realized it was this guy in The Rolling Stones called Mick Jagger.

I was always thinking: ‘I wonder if I could play in that band?’ I seemed to fit the style, loved the blues and all the rest of it. I kept my eye on them. And lo and behold Mick calls me up and wants me to do an album ‘She’s the Boss.’And that was the first time I met him. I thought Mick was charming. He treated me really well. Loved women, of course.”

Therefore, Jeff Beck was very happy and excited when Mick Jagger asked him to play the guitar for his debut solo studio album entitled ‘She’s the Boss.’ He also admitted that Mick Jagger was so nice to him that Beck admired him much more than before.