Jeff Back Calls Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant ‘Girly Appeal Frontman’

In a featured article on Louder Sound, Jeff Beck talked about his relationship with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and recalled searching for a frontman with girly looks like Robert Plant.

Jeff Beck recently released a new single on April 16, 2020, with the collaboration of Johnny Depp as they covered John Lennon’s ‘Isolation.’ Marking the first outcome of their musical collaboration, the single was released during the lockdown period which has been the time of the true notion of isolation.

During his recent appearance on Louder Sound, Jeff Beck recalled the time when he met Jimmy Page for the first time. Beck stated that his sister was the one who made him meet Page as she came into his room one day and said a ‘weirdo‘ in her school has a guitar like his. Then Jeff went over Page’s place regularly and recorded some music there.

Beck then recalled the time when he first listened to Led Zeppelin and thought it was inspired deeply by the ‘Truth’ album, which belongs to his own band. Jeff mentioned that he realized he needed a frontman with a girly appeal just like Robert Plant who had a bare chest, golden locks, and so on. He added that however, they had Rod Stewart in the band instead.

Jeff Beck has said to Louder Sound that:

“When I first heard what he’d done with Led Zeppelin I thought: “That’s a little bit more than inspired by the ‘Truth’ album.” When I finally got over that I realized I needed more than I had. I needed a frontman with a girly appeal. Plant certainly had that in abundance – the bare chest, golden locks, and all that. We had Rod Stewart.”

Considering Jeff Beck’s words, it is true that Robert Plant had a more feminine look in contrast to Rod Steward in his youth. Apart from his appearance, Plant also had several feminine gestures along with his masculine energy which made him one of the most influential frontmen in rock music history.