Ed Sheeran Admits He Couldn’t Sing Or Write Songs Like Olivia Rodrigo While He Was At Her Age

Ed Sheeran revealed in a recent interview on SiriusXM’s YouTube channel his admiration for Olivia Rodrigo’s song ‘driver’s license’ and discussed how talented the young musician is in comparison to the stage that he’d come to when he was at her age.

Known for being famous among Generation Z, Olivia Rodrigo’s music reached a wide audience through her TikTok videos. Many TikTok users used her songs to shoot their videos and create stories around them. Rodrigo climbed the ladder of fame and success in a rather short time considering she is only 18 years old.

However, she is not only admired by Gen- Z or TikTok users anymore, as her music has spread through all generations and platforms. Recently, her name was brought up by the successful British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran when he was asked if there was any music that triggered his interest or that he found cool.

He replied by stating how much he loved ‘driver’s license’ by Rodrigo. He continued to say that he was shocked to find out that she was ‘only 17’ as when he was her age, the quality of music he put out there was nowhere near hers.

Here is what he stated fully:

“‘driver’s license’ Olivia Rodrigo. I remember first hearing that and being like ‘This is an incredible tune’ and then finding out she was 17 and being like ‘that’s even more.’

Because I mean that was the age that I started writing songs and I did not write a song of that – I couldn’t sing at that caliber either so she’s like, she’s an extreme talent. She’s a very special artist, very special.”

After he showed his admiration for Rodrigo’s talent and stated that she is ‘very special,’ Sheeran’s fans agreed with his comments about the young musician and didn’t cease to mention how much they love it when he compliments other artists instead of pulling them down. The fans also thought it would be really if the pair decided to collaborate

You can watch the full interview and listen to ‘driver’s license’ below.