Jeff Ament Refutes Stone Gossard’s Statement About Pearl Jam’s New Record

Even though Stone Gossard seems to be ready for a new Pearl Jam album to come out, Jeff Ament told Trail 1033 radio podcast that he’s not so sure. Here’s what the bassist said:

“I’m glad Stone is excited for it, but I’m still not sure. When we complete the new album, it will be about six or seven months before it can come out.”

Gossard had recently revealed on the ‘Kyle Meredith With…’ podcast that the band’s new album was almost done by saying:

“It’s fun, and we’re getting closer. At some point, we’ll have the record out.”

However, for Jeff, only ‘half’ of the new album is ready to go. Even though the bassist is happy with the material they created with producer Andrew Watt so far, he is not a hundred percent sure about the songs that will eventually become a part of their twelfth studio album.

So, despite Stone’s words about the album being nearly finished, Jeff thinks it won’t be ready for release until the summer or fall of 2024. In the meantime, as fans wait for new material from the band, they can count down to the end of August as Pearl Jam kicks off their US summer tour that will run until mid-September.

You can listen to Jeff Ament’s interview with Trail 1033 here and watch his interview on the ‘Kyle Meredith With…’ podcast below.