Jason Newsted On His Career After Metallica, ‘I’m Open To Offers’

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted opened up about his life and career after leaving Metallica 23 years ago in an interview with The Metallica Report. During the conversation, Newsted mentioned how his life was affected by his tenure with Metallica, which made him a global rock star in a short time. The bassist stated:

“To give myself a break for a second and look at it through a different lens now that I’ve been away from [Metallica] for 20-plus years and just a different perspective on things, to be able to see how I’m doing incredibly affecting it was on my little ball of clay, because I came into that as wet fucking clay, man — green and wide-eyed. Yeah, I had my chops, but I didn’t have much else, as far as comprehension of the world or anything like that, man, at all.”

Newsted continued:

And so now I look back at that, for better or worse, and there are some things that I’m not gonna be able to change because what I had to rise to, what I had to become so quickly to come from just really a nothing, really trying hard, kind of skidding fucking guy too, all of a sudden this, in a very short amount of time, a global star, as it were — not my terms; just that’s what they call it.”

The ex-Metallica member also mentioned that even though his perspective of life and his career altered after Metallica split, he is still open to new collaborations. Jason revealed that he has been receiving offers, but he has become very picky in deciding which one was the right project for him. He added:

“There are always offers and proposals from people globally to do exhibits or collaborations. There are still offers coming to play music collaborations. And so I’m open to those things, but I’m really very, very picky about those proposals these days.”

Will Jason Newsted Ever Reunite With Metallica?

Jason Newsted suddenly left Metallica in 2001, mainly due to creative differences with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. In a 2022 interview with Metal Hammer, he talked about the band’s career after his departure and clarified whether he has any plans to work with Metallica again. In the interview, Newsted mentioned that there was only one way he could perform with his former bandmates. The bassist explained his condition about Lars Ulrich during the conversation:

“I’d be happy to join them to do that stuff if they wanted me to. I still talk to Lars a fair bit and send him my stuff, and he’s always super supportive. I appreciate it, and I respect his opinion. If he called me and asked if I wanted to throw down, I’d say yes, but I’m not sure if I’d say yes to anyone else.”

You can listen to Jason Newsted’s entire interview with The Metallica Report via Spotify below.